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Re: [tlug] MTA (was ...repetitive question...)

Jack Morgan ( wrote:

> Just because you can't reach a level of competency with Sendamil doesn't mean
> it "sucks". 

That's a pretty arrogant thing to say.  Can you write Sendmail rule sets?
No, I didn't think so.

The syntax is awful.  C'mon, how many other programs can
you think of that use a config syntax so convoluted that you have
to use m4 to generate the config file because it's so difficult to do
by hand?

Now go take a look at an Exim config file.  Then come back and
tell us how great Sendmail is.

> In fact, I would speculate that most sysadmin/bofh on this list use sendmail.

That's not because we're ncecessarily fans of sendmail, it's because most
distros ship with sendmail as the default MTA and we're too lazy to switch
while it's meeting our needs.  All my workstation(s) have to do is
hand my local outgoing mail off to their upstream smarthost.  Incoming
mail is all popped with fetchmail.

Ask me a more relevant question: if I were setting out to build a
mail system, would I build it around sendmail?  Answer: no way.
Exim would be my first choice.  Postfix my second choice.  (Both
are good, I'm just more familiar with Exim).  If I had to choose between
Qmail and Sendmail it would be a tough call.  I don't think I need to
explain why.

> I don't mean to be rude

Then don't be.  That was a pretty uncalled-for thing to say
to someone who is at least as competent as you are and probably
more so.


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