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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

Luke Kearney wrote:

>>>although Linux is nicer as a
>>>desktop if you want to have something close to winblows but not quite.
>>I think you mean "GNOME / KDE are nicer..." ;) My Linux boxes look
>>nothing like Windoze. I only use X on one of them regularly, and it
>>runneth Blackbox. Gotta keep that GNOME shite away at all costs!
> No, what I meant is that Linux has more tools to make life easier than
> FreeBSD and has better Multimedia support than FreeBSD it also does more
> things for the user in terms of being able to configure things with out ever
> going near a cmd line.

Again, I must disagree for semantic reasons. Linux is a kernel. Linux
provides no tools for staying away from the command line. Some popular
distributions of Linux, namely Redhat and Mandrake (but there are some
others, SuSE), provide said tools and some kludges to make them work.

But try a distro like Gentoo, and you will not see Linuxconf sodding
things up.

>>>I just feel that RH has gotten a bit too automated
>>What do you mean? up2date? Kudzu?
> RPM and other update tools. Funny though I watched a friend of mine tear his
> hair out over the fact that his RPM did not automatically install the
> package dependancies. Hmmm

Do you use ports, or do you always ./configure && make && sudo make
install? I see very little difference between the automation of ports
and that of RPM. Most people agree that package management is nice.
Every Unix and Linux distro that I know of has some sort of package system.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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