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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

Pietro Zuco ( wrote:

> I'm sorry if that frase affect you in some way, but I don't think it's a 
> "bullcrap"

Well, yeah, it's bullcrap.  It's bullcrap because Debian has an
extremely strict definition of stable, and Red Hat and Mandrake
have rather lax defintions of it.  At Debian, "stable" means 
something like "a high degree of certainty that there are no
known bugs left" whereas at Red Hat and Mandrake, it's more like
"we think there aren't any huge showstoppers left, but don't
bet the farm on that." 

Woody is quite solid. The people at Debian are just very
conservative when they use important words like stable.

> My hardware is not so special. It's fully supported by linux. In fact I said 
> but that could recognize automatically my hardware and configure it.

Debian should do that.

> take so few disk space. Good support about updates, etc

Debian is good for that.  Red Hat isn't bad either, and actually,
a Red Hat install doesn't *have* to big huge.  And a Debian install
doesn't have to be small.  Debian has more CDs than RH does.  It's
all a matter of what you choose to install.

Things that are challenging to set up are good - it moves you
from being a newbie to an oldie much faster :-)


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