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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

On Wednesday 12 June 2002 15:35, B0Ti wrote:
> Pietro Zuco wrote:
> > woody is not still
> > stable.
> That's bullcrap. It's at least as stable as the RedHat or Mandrake
> releases.

I don't have so many knowledge and authority in linux to say that Debian woody 
is not stable. I only guide myself about the information that I find in the 
site of debian. If you go to you can 
read "This distribution is currently in the 'testing' phase, but stabilizing 
and close to being 'frozen' " For this I said that frase.
I'm sorry if that frase affect you in some way, but I don't think it's a 

> > A distro that recognize my hard like Redhat and mandrake does.
> What hardware do you have that's so special?

My hardware is not so special. It's fully supported by linux. In fact I said 
that Redhat and Mandrake recognized it automatically without problems. My 
question is: "Are there a distro, that recognize all the hard, and configure 
it, as mandrake or redhat does, and that it has only that kind of 
automatism?" The distro I'm looking for is like debian in the installation 
but that could recognize automatically my hardware and configure it.
I don't want to be too long but for example:

Something like Debian. Texmode installation process, easy package management 
like dselect and dpkg. The possibility to install only a base system that 
take so few disk space. Good support about updates, etc
But things like, setup my usb mouse, webcam, xserver, soudcard, net 
configuration, are pretty difficult to a newbe like me. For these reasons I 
made that question.


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