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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

Try FreeBSD.

It will give you a good comprehensive coverage of HW and it is *very very*
stable. It is not as *fat* as RH but just as functional. See


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From: "Pietro Zuco" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 11:15 PM
Subject: Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

> On Wednesday 12 June 2002 15:35, B0Ti wrote:
> > Pietro Zuco wrote:
> > > woody is not still
> > > stable.
> >
> > That's bullcrap. It's at least as stable as the RedHat or Mandrake
> > releases.
> I don't have so many knowledge and authority in linux to say that Debian
> is not stable. I only guide myself about the information that I find in
> site of debian. If you go to you can
> read "This distribution is currently in the 'testing' phase, but
> and close to being 'frozen' " For this I said that frase.
> I'm sorry if that frase affect you in some way, but I don't think it's a
> "bullcrap"
> >
> > > A distro that recognize my hard like Redhat and mandrake does.
> >
> > What hardware do you have that's so special?
> My hardware is not so special. It's fully supported by linux. In fact I
> that Redhat and Mandrake recognized it automatically without problems. My
> question is: "Are there a distro, that recognize all the hard, and
> it, as mandrake or redhat does, and that it has only that kind of
> automatism?" The distro I'm looking for is like debian in the installation
> but that could recognize automatically my hardware and configure it.
> I don't want to be too long but for example:
> Something like Debian. Texmode installation process, easy package
> like dselect and dpkg. The possibility to install only a base system that
> take so few disk space. Good support about updates, etc
> But things like, setup my usb mouse, webcam, xserver, soudcard, net
> configuration, are pretty difficult to a newbe like me. For these reasons
> made that question.
> Thankyou.
> Pietro.

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