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Re: [tlug] maybe a repetitive question about distros

Luke Kearney wrote:
>>Right. FreeBSD is absolutely *renowned* for its comprehensive hardware
>>support... *koff*
> Do you feel that FBSD is not stable ? The HW requirements for it are very
> modest.

No. I dare you to find that in my post. To the contrary, I am a big fan
of *BSD, but mainly on servers. I will stick to Linux for my 3D gaming
needs! ;) (Actually, I only game on the console systems, but I digress).

> For as long as you are not trying to use the absolute latest in video
> cards FBSD is quite good

I agree, though I think that video cards are not the only area in which
FreeBSD lags behind Linux in hardware driver availability. Granted, BSD
drivers tend to be a bit more stable than Linux ones, as the BSD
developers are a lot more cautious when it comes to releasing new code.

> I am not sure that the scoffing is necessary.

That is immaterial. Scoffito ergo sum, tovarisch. ;)

> NetBSD and OpenBSD are the pits when it comes to hardware so not sure why
> you give FBSD the thumbs down.

I may be misinformed. I was under the impression that Net supported more
hardware than Free. Is this not so?

> I would put a FBSD system up against any of your linux
> varieties any day in terms of performance

I quite agree. In fact, BSD seems to outperform Linux under heavy loads
(i.e. busy webservers (read: Google)).

> although Linux is nicer as a
> desktop if you want to have something close to winblows but not quite.

I think you mean "GNOME / KDE are nicer..." ;) My Linux boxes look
nothing like Windoze. I only use X on one of them regularly, and it
runneth Blackbox. Gotta keep that GNOME shite away at all costs!

> I just feel that RH has gotten a bit too automated

What do you mean? up2date? Kudzu?

As I am fond of saying, sysadmins *can* use Redhat's tools as a crutch,
or they can dust off vim, get in the config files and do things properly!

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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