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Re: [tlug] Disparity between quota and du output

Simon Cozens wrote:
> Jonathan Byrne:
>>Is the lack of answers to this because nobody knows, or is it because
>>it's a stupid question and I don't even know it? :-)

Good stuff! :)

Jonathon, I do not know the answer to your question, but I have seen 
many posts on some of the lists to which I subscribe[1] on the following:

- "df and du give me different output"
- "du and quota give me different output"
- "du and foo give me different output"

So I rather suspect a bug in du, as the posters have noticed this on 
different versions of Solaris, Linux, *BSD, etc. This would be strange, 
as du has been around for a long time, but... ? I have not slogged 
through the source yet, however. Maybe later today.


[1] sun-managers, linux-focus, et al.

Josh Glover <>

Associate Systems Administrator

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