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Re: USB CF readers and Linux

Shimpei Yamashita wrote:
> Not to mention that Logitec's parent (Marubeni) is much, much larger
> than Logitech ever will be.

Reuters wrote:
> ZURICH, April 24 (Reuters) - Logitech International , the world's
> biggest maker of computer mice and many other peripheral devices,
> on Tuesday defied a slowdown in the computer market and reported
> higher than expected profits.

Moody's wrote:
> TOKYO, April 24 - Moody's Investors Service changed Marubeni
> Corp's (8002.T) rating outlook to negative from stable.
> Marubeni's senior unsecured debt rating is Ba2.
> This change reflects Moody's concern that the adverse operating
> environment may affect Marubeni's long-term operating franchise,
> and the firm's future profitability may be affected.

"SN" == SN Diamond <> wrote:
> Who knows, there might yet be a change  ^_^

Asahi Shimbun wrote (paraphrased):
> Junichirou Koizumi won with the backing of Shizuka Kamei's habatsu.

Not on your life; the next round of protectionism is clearly in view.

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