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USB CF readers and Linux

Does anybody know a USB CF card reader that works with Linux?
I have one that is detected by the system but apparently
has no driver for it, so it just sits there.

It's info, FWIW, is:

class: OTHER
bus: USB
detached: 0
driver: unknown
desc: "Carry Inc. SmartMedia & CompactFlash & PCMCIA Card Reader"
usbclass: 0
usbsubclass: 0
usbprotocol: 0
usbbus: 1
usblevel: 2
usbport: 0
vendorId: 07cc
deviceId: 0006
productrevision: unknown

The brand name this was sold under is "Logitec" (yeah, without
the "h" - just wait until Logitech's lawyers find out about
this) and it appears to be a Japan-only brand.  If you know where
I can get a driver for it, that would be great.

Or if you know where I can get a supported reader (if it also
reads Smart Media that's a plus), that will be great, too.  My
digital camera is not USB, transferring 1600 x 1200 images across
a serial link isn't my idea of a good time, and I don't want to
use 'doze as an intermediate step if I can help it.



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