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Re: USB CF readers and Linux

>> Guess why the US company "Logitech" uses the brand
>> name "Logicool" in Japan.

> Then why do all of my Japanese Logitech products prominently
> feature the Logitech label?

I think you'll find that they're not Japanese; rather, they are
assembled by robots or underpaid third-world persons and put into
Japanese packaging.  (The "Japanese" Logisomething trackball I'm using
right now says "Made in China" on its underside.) Well, not forcing the
redesign of the products themselves might be a rare example of
legalistic reasonableness.

A further guess: perhaps reasonableness was assisted by the absence of
American lawyers. It's primarily a Swiss company; see for example

NB nothing in the above message should be construed as criticism of any
American lawyer, living, dead, or undead, especially any lawyer in a
litigious mood. You guys are all doing a great job (notably over
Toshiba's diskette drives).

Peter Evans (no point suing me; I'm poor)

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