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Re: USB CF readers and Linux

Peter Evans ( wrote:

> > Then why do all of my Japanese Logitech products prominently
> > feature the Logitech label?
> I think you'll find that they're not Japanese; rather, they are
> assembled by robots or underpaid third-world persons and put into
> Japanese packaging. 

No duh.  A great deal of Japanese consumer electronics are not
made in Japan.  My Logitech stuff is, like yours, made in China, but
it is not gray-market imported.  It's officially sold here by
Logitech, with Japanese packaging, documentation, warranty.
This is Japanese Logitech gear, and they do sell it under
the Logitech name.  Once they notice that Logitec exists,
they'll probably squash them like a bug. As well they should, for
having the nerve to make something that doesn't work with Linux :-)

Plus, of course, not doing so really would lead to dilution of 
trademark, since that is a clearcut case of infringement. Failure
to defend against it could cause Logitech real problems.  IANAL,
of course, but if Frank B.  is lurking out there, perhaps he'd
like to venture his professional opinion on this point :-)


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