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Re: Setting Deafult Font Size in X

>>>>> "Kinichi" == Kinichi  <> writes:

    Kinichi> Some pepople might miss some Japanese patches included in
    Kinichi> Vine or Kondara.

If they do, they should write properly internationalized equivalents
instead of seeking Japanese patches.  See the "kinput2/xim idiocy"
thread.  I've read that code, and I attribute kinput2's congenital
brain damage to the "incestuous knowledge" (Wiley, you are such a
voyeur)-- kinput2 is not an XIM application, it is a Japanese
application with XIM patches.

Yes, Japanese is different.  But it's not Spaniards or Croatians who
pay the price of "Japanese exceptionalism," it's us Japanese users.
And especially those of us who are (admittedly only approximately, in
my case) multilingual.

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