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Re: Setting Deafult Font Size in X

Hi FOlks

Thanks for the replies,  I tried
style "default"

But it didnt seem to do anything.  Any other suggestions?

As far as this Kondara itself is concerned, all seems to run well except
KDE2 dosent seem to work.  I have seen it fail on 3 machines with the
same error.  It always hangs when "Initialising" is displayed in the X




Hiroo Yamagata wrote:
> At 18:28 01/04/23 +0900, you wrote:
> >Yes,  its the Mary beta1 release.  I am not sure what other aspects you
> >want to know.  Please tell me and I will send them on.
> Well, they were supposed to be doing
> kernel2.4+X4.0.3+glibc2.2+FHS2.1+LANG=ja_JP.utf8.  How do they score?
> Many of the Japanese distros seem to be in shambles these days, and
> not many of them are making much progress. If Kondara guys can manage
> to do some of what they planned, I imagine that it would sort of boost the
> other RH clones (and here's where Chris or Stephen would say "dream on"
> or "tough luck" or something to that effect, I guess...)
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