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Re: [tlug] Backup CD

"Frank BENNETT (フランク ベネット )" wrote:

> Mondo is a marvellous suite with many fine qualities, and a credit to the man
> that wrote it.  There should be no misunderstanding here; suites that promote
> and ease the backup process are a good thing, and Mondo is a good thing.
> Now maybe you can provide the non-technical user with lucid and detailed
> instructions on how to go about constructing an /etc/fstab file for a Windows
> workstation of unknown configuration.
> Frank

The mondo homepage says:
"This is the home page of Mondo, the premier GPL'd disaster-recovery suite for Linux
and Windows."
So it should be possible even for a dummy windows user with some kind of a frontend
to use mondo.

One more thing I would like to add to the issue:
If you use PartImage or anything else that reads the partition itself then the
backup/rescue will most probably fail if the user has bad sectors. Mondo-like
software will only fail on those files which lie on the damaged area.


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