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Re: [tlug] Backup CD

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 06:54:40PM +0900, BOTi wrote:

> > For example, to get Mondo running, your system needs to satisfy a number of
> > preconditions relating to available utilities, kernel capabilities, and the
> > content of /etc/fstab (more to the point, it needs to __have__ /etc/fstab, as
> > well as a full Linux installation).
> If you actually try it than you will see that it's possible to use mondo from a
> rescue disk(including your RepliCoaster) that satisfies the above conditions.


Mondo is a marvellous suite with many fine qualities, and a credit to the man
that wrote it.  There should be no misunderstanding here; suites that promote
and ease the backup process are a good thing, and Mondo is a good thing.

Now maybe you can provide the non-technical user with lucid and detailed
instructions on how to go about constructing an /etc/fstab file for a Windows
workstation of unknown configuration.


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