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[tlug] Ip filter settings for Web Caster 600mn

Does anyone have this router?
Im trying to set filter settings on this router
for ports 80,25,22,53 and 119 but am having
problems with it. I dont really understand
the the choice of network interface there
that is in the configuration. I have Nat and
forwarding working fine but am not sure about
how to set the tcp set and clear flags and using
the rsvp, ospf, raw and igmp...? I also dont
really understand the ordering of the rules. It
seems that when I put in the rules that in the
Zweigler book that it locks me out. That is
certainly not my objective.. I need some doco
on this on the web or to buy a better router
that is clearer to understand etc., 

Its more complicated then the netto behickuru
I was using before which I set up for ISDN and
seemed much more easier... 


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