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Re: User-friendliness (was Re: [tlug] !!!OT!!! raw cd copy)

>>>>> Responding to "Matt" == Matt Gushee <>:

Isn't this ...

    Matt>   * [the misconception] that software can and should enable
    Matt>   people to do professional work without professional skills
    Matt>   (witness MS Office in general, Power-Point in particular).

... most of the answer to this?

    Matt> Is there something a good interface can do to avoid
    Matt> inspiring panic? Or something that we can do through
    Matt> documentation or training to help people respond more
    Matt> rationally?

If people are not talented/trained/experienced to handle exceptions
the system can't handle itself, I don't see how you avoid panic
reactions.  Sorta like asking if there's something GM could do to keep
drivers from panicking at degree 270 of a 360-degree spin.  And the
whole point of "interfaces" is to allow people to do things without
referring to documentation or being trained in advance.

Maybe we should ask rms to change the ever-so-slightly menacing "bash"
prompt to a UI a little more encouraging of proper attitude.  Eg:

RTFM$ vi
Have you already Read The Fucking Manual for vi? y/n _


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