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Re: [tlug] !!!OT!!! raw cd copy

On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 00:11, Michael Doughty wrote:
> umm...?  Forget the OT flag?  This sounds half angsty half serious, and
> no where does there seem to be a point.  I had no idea that not getting
> that Perl script finished Friday would result in people turning to 
> Windows from linux.  I will make sure to do my job better in the future
> to help protect the interests of linux on the desktop.


Dammit, Michael! Falling asleep at the wheel again? You'd better make
Linux easy to use and do it quickly!


I am not Richard Stallman, therefore I do not consider myself part of
some crusade to deliver the average user from the Gates of Hell. If
people want to use Linux, great. I will help them as much as I can, as
others have helped me along the way. But if it is too hard and they want
to go back to Windows, that may be their loss, but it is certainly not

You want user friendly? Try Mandrake.


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