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Re: [tlug] !!!OT!!! raw cd copy

Dan Myers ( wrote:

> I propose that they make a more user friendly Linux and keep the Solaris and other
> Unix (non-user friendly) OS for business purposes. That way you can hit both
> markets (general consumers and businesses).

Those Unix flavors are also proprietary, binary-only products.  The
fact that Linux and the *BSD family are not figures prominently
in our use of same.

We also need to get a better handle on the term "user-friendly."
Windows, for example, forces you to do everything its way. You get
know choice, and it works hard to keep you from even seeing what is
actually going on under the hood.  Don't like how it works? Tough.
And don't forget all those reboots to make upgrades take effect.

That does not strike me as being terribly user-friendly.


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