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Re: [tlug] !!!OT!!! raw cd copy

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002 16:50:11 +0900
Jonathan Q <> wrote:

> We also need to get a better handle on the term "user-friendly."
> Windows, for example, forces you to do everything its way. You get
> know choice, and it works hard to keep you from even seeing what is
> actually going on under the hood.  Don't like how it works? Tough.
> And don't forget all those reboots to make upgrades take effect.

And you have to have fancy video hardware even for a server that doesn't use a GUI.  And the window manager sits there taking up memory and disk space.  A linux server - don't bother installing X and do everything through an arcane and yet extremely powerful text shell.  Much more friendly to the user (who doesn't want a GUI).

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