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Re: [tlug] Backup CD

Frank Bennett wrote:

> For example, to get Mondo running, your system needs to satisfy a number of
> preconditions relating to available utilities, kernel capabilities, and the
> content of /etc/fstab (more to the point, it needs to __have__ /etc/fstab, as
> well as a full Linux installation).

If you actually try it than you will see that it's possible to use mondo from a
rescue disk(including your RepliCoaster) that satisfies the above conditions.

>  To get RepliCoaster running, you boot the
> system with it, and, er, that's it (assuming that it works, of course ...).

This is what the other thread is about. You start an automated distro installer
and it fails...

>  As noted in the Mondo docs at
>, this puts a big load on
> your CPU and the IO chain leading to and including your disk; and this can
> overheat your computer if its cooling system is not built to handle the
> strain.

If you have such a system that can't bzip a couple files because of overheating
than that's not a computer.

> Another difference worth noting is that RepliCoaster works on sleeping
> (unmounted or unaccessed) partitions.

I guess you mount it at some time too unless copying raw data (the partition

> In other words, Mondo backs up your data while the root filesystem is live and
> {rw}, which is not perfectly safe.

It can do that, but if you mount your root partition from a rescue disk I don't
see any problem.

> Note the comment on overheating, above.

These computers shouldn't do backups. They should be replaced.

> Partimage looks to be a better
> solution for fundamental backups than the afio/cpio/tar range of tools because

> it uses system resources more efficiently.  Features can follow after the
> bottom layer of engineering is in place.

It still does plenty of IO and CPU load.

> Cheers,
> Frank Bennett
> Nagoya


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