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[tlug] Backup CD

I couldn't resist.  :-)

I am now back at my desk in Nagoya.  Very much enjoyed
Saturday's meeting, dinner, drinks, and talk.  Many
thanks to TLUG mismanagement, and to all TLUG members.
With luck, I'll be able to make the trip north again
sometime soon.

Over dinner, I learned about Norton Ghost.  This morning,
after a Debian upgrade, I learned about a similar-ish
utility being developed under Linux:

In a nutshell, it makes a restorable copy of the target
partition, but leaving out any free blocks to save
time and space.  It works on a growing list of filesystems,
and a *BSD port is on the stocks.  To work correctly,
it requires that the target partition be unmounted,
so the RepliCoaster environment should be a nice match
for it.

I will put up an image of RepliCoaster within the next
couple of days so that anyone interested can give it a go.

'Til a bit later,
Frank Bennett

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