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Re: [tlug] Backup CD

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 04:39:50PM +0900, BOTi wrote:

> The mondo homepage says:
> "This is the home page of Mondo, the premier GPL'd disaster-recovery suite for
>  Linux and Windows."

Gosh, I'm sorry.  If it said so in The Rolling Stone, of course it's gotta be
true.  :-)

> So it should be possible even for a dummy windows user with some kind of a
> frontend to use mondo.

Sigh.  Intelligence is not directly proportional to knowledge of Unix, or
Linux, or ADA, or PDP-11 assembly language, or whatever your particular
religion happens to be.  If you have a thing about looking down at the common
user, perhaps you can work it off somewhere else.

Apart from that observation, in the words of Inspector Clouseau, "That's WHAT
I SAID".  My point was not that building a portable interface is impossible,
but that someone has to put some hard work into it.

> One more thing I would like to add to the issue:
> If you use PartImage or anything else that reads the partition itself then the
> backup/rescue will most probably fail if the user has bad sectors. Mondo-like
> software will only fail on those files which lie on the damaged area.

Good point.

I have a question on this, but it belongs in a new thread on another day.


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