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Re: [tlug] Speaking of things that make you feel stupid...

I hope others don't mind the Solaris questions, otherwise we
will take it off the list

On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 06:21:09PM -0500, Josh Glover wrote:
> I have this Sun Enterprise 4500 server. Really nice, really big. I bet

I hope you don't have this in your house...

> 1) Pop the Solaris 8 Install CD in 

I wouldn't use this, It limits your options.

> 2) Bring the system to the OK prompt

Here you can do a lot of debugging:

ok> probe-scsi  # this tell you what disks you have and there SCSI ID
		  which is helpful for partitioning

ok> help	# will give you someplace to look

I usually do "set-defaults" to reset the firmware (sun's name for bios) settings
back to the original values. 


> ... So I tried once booting off the Software 1 disk. This pulled up the
> installer that I expected--allowing me to play with the partition table,
> etc, and install all the different chunks of the OS. 

This is what you want to use. Sun expects the boot disk to be SCSI ID 3 (c0t3d0s0)
but doesn't have to be. I would try installing the / partition on this disk, say:

c0t3d0s0	/		1st partition
c0t3d0s1	swap		2nd  	"	
c0t3d0s2	whole disk	default- can't use
c0t3d0s3	/usr		3rd partition	
c0t3d0s4	/var		4th 	"

Or similar set up

> However, I am not sure if it installed a kernel or
> not, because when I try to boot, it just freezes somewhere in the
> process after loading the kernel image.
This might be from the firmware setting. eg the firmware is looking for a kernel
where there isn't. I hope my explanation is understandable and helpful :-/

jack_morgan						NetBSD is the BSD

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