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[Lingo] Workflow vs. Jobflow

Nguyễn Vũ Hưng writes:
 > Hello all,
 > Quick questions:
 > - Is "jobflow" is a correct English?
 > - Is that the meanings of "workflow" and "jobflow" are the same.

As usual, it would really help if you gave context.  Many many words
are used in specialized contexts, and often a native-speaker can guess
whether a particular word would be likely to be used in that way in
that context.  Without context, all she can say is "I never heard of
that one before...".

In American English, I can't imagine that "workflow" and "jobflow"
would mean the same thing.  "Workflow" means "how a task is done",
while "jobflow" would almost certain mean "rate at which a series of
tasks is done."

In my experience, Japanese do often substitute "job" where an American
would say "work".

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