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Re: [Lingo] words with kanji in common

On 15/07/07, Kim Ahlström <> wrote:

You can do this with by using wildcards:*化&eng=&dict=edict&common=on

Uh-oh, Jim. A serious contender to WWWJDIC has emerged! ;)

Actually, serious question: Do you consider WWWJDIC a reference
implementation for the EDICT data files, or is your goal really to
provide serious usability?

I know Kim's stuff ( is written in Perl (Catalyst, right
Kim?), but maybe you guys could share some interface design tips; I
know Kim is using some AJAX to cool effect for multi-radical kanji

"?化" will find two-kanji compounds with 化 in the final position.

Hrm, I think "??化" (I assume that is supported, right?) would be even more useful, as many of the 何と化 (sorry) compounds that I have seen tend to be a two-kanji 漢語 word followed by 化.

But "*化" is probably the way to go, anyway, as it will catch anything
ending in 化.


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