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Re: [Lingo] words with kanji in common

07/07/15 に steven smith<> さんは書きました:

um -- this finds word at front or anywhere.  I should be
able to just sort, create a hash based on last char if it's
kanji and get a nicely ordered list.  When I get the spare
time of course :)  It goes along with some other stuff I'm
playing with anyway.

You can do this with by using wildcards:*化&eng=&dict=edict&common=on

* means zero or more characters
? means one character

"化" - This is the default. It is turned into "化*" at the server and so
searches for words with 化 in the initial position.
"*化*" would find 化 anywhere in a word.
"*化" as above, will find words with 化 in the final position.
"?化" will find two-kanji compounds with 化 in the final position.

Hope that helps.

Kim Ahlström

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