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Re: tlug: Caldera Japanese version (Clearification)

> Oh, yeah, can I have a pointer to the Partition Magic sources?  I've
> always been curious about why they're better than fdisk.

Partition magic is at   

It is, however, only something that can be used in Windows.  That is to 
say, you have to set up your partitions using Windows.  
A quick comment in praise of the program--one of my drives, formatted as 
fat16 wouldn't format in fat 32 under DOS fdisk--it just kept showing 
itself as unknown (I'm not quite as much a Windows ignoramous as a linux 
one, and do actually know what I'm doing with that.)  Additionally, no 
matter how many times I reformatted it, it kept not using part of the disk. 
When I installed partition magic it reclaimed the unused portion and easily 
formatted the disk as fat 32.  

If you are running any Windows applications however, you could set up as 
many linux partitions as you want with it.  It's advantage over fdisk is 
that you can resize and move partitions with a gui, do it more quickly, and 
do it (in most cases) without damaging the data.

My only reservation is that as it is Windows based, I'm not a 100 percent 
certain that they handle linux partitions perfectly.  WHen I put in the Red 
Hat the first time, they were showing the partitions as bad, despite the 
fact that I was able to access both linux and Windows, (That's what 
prompted me to go back in and try to fix it, totally trashing both hard 
disks :)


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