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Re: tlug: Caldera Japanese version (Clearification)

> Hi ya all.  I just finished doing Q&A testing for the COL2.3J
> distribution.  The Caldera 2.3 product allows for very flexible
> partitioning.  You can create any custom partitioning setup you like.  To
> do this you create partitions using Lizard.  The "install from MS Windows" 
> option uses Partition Magic which does create only one main partition and
> a swap partition on a drive.  This was done basically to accommodate two
> things.  Newbies coming from the Windows world who are looking for an
> easy to set up system and the Partition Magic which ships as a "limited
> version" of their software which is not as flexible as their full
> product.

As my original post was mainly directed to newbies, this might have been my 
fault for not being clear.  I didn't use their version partition magic, as 
I'd already gotten a full version, needing to run a few O/S's on one 
machine.  I simply set up the partitions in advance, and reading their 
manual first, figured to do it the easiest way, which was make the one 
partition and the swap file.  They do give you the option of "custom, for 
experts only" or something like that, which I didn't try.  At this point, 
just to give you an idea, I'm still working with learning the basic unix 
commands, so Marcos, I think you're somewhat less of a newbie to linux than 
myelf.   During installation, there is the section where you are giving the 
choice of using the whole disk, custom partitioning or using the 
preprepared partition. 
Sorry for any misunderstanding.


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