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tlug: REdHat shenanigans w/Netscape

  I 'upgraded' from an antique Slackware installation to RH6.0 just
after it became available half a year ago.  I needed something more
up-to-date to run Windoze and other virtual machines under 'vmware',
which I really like.  The virtual networking support, like everything
else in 'vmware', seems to be pretty robust.  If, like me, you've
always wanted to play around with networking, but never had an extra
box and a couple of network cards to do it with, 'vmware' is a great

  I really do appreciate the rpm facility in RedHat.  It's really
useful and has saved me from a couple of blunders, too.  

  But there is an awful lot about RedHat that just PISSES me off.
Has anyone else, for example, noticed that the ~/.netscape/preferences.js
file will get overwritten and Netscape will start up as though for the
first time, having forgotten all of your settings.  Fortunately, I'm
always pretty well backed-up and I was able just now to restore the 
file and get back my settings, but this is the kind RedHat 'feature'
one can live without.  I presume this is a known RedHat bug - I hardly
think Netscape is at fault (since it's the RedHat homepage that comes
back every time the settings get wiped).  Anyone else run into this?

Dennis McMurchy, 
Sointula, B.C. / Tojinmachi, Fukuoka
Canada           Japan

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