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tlug: Caldera Japanese version

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott  <> writes:

    Scott> Caldera is releasing (scheduled for 11/27 or so) a Japanese
    Scott> version of
    Scott> installing is quite easy, only taking about 1/2 hour--one
    Scott> first partitions the drive with the included partition
    Scott> magic and then during install, it finds the partition and
    Scott> puts itself in it.

Sigh.  "Finds `the' partition"?  It is a very very bad idea to have
_one_ partition, unless one wants to lock oneself into a given
vendor.  You really want /home and /usr/local on separate partitions
for smooth transitions (it's not always possible to do a smooth
upgrade even for a new version of the same distribution), and to avoid 
data loss /var and /tmp probably should be on different partitions
(you could `ln -s /var/tmp /tmp' if you wanted though and just have one).

I'm beginning to think Caldera just doesn't get it.  Their "available
to anybody no-redistribution beta" program including GPLed software,
Windows-style "last OS you'll ever have the nerve to install"

Turbolinux and Debian to my certain knowledge allow flexible
partitioning using fdisk or cfdisk; Partition Magic is smarter about
existing Windows95 partitions, though.

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