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tlug: pine vs VM/xemacs

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric S Standlee <> writes:

    Eric> I have a problem.  I cannot figure out how to configure VM
    Eric> in xemacs so that my Return-Path:
    Eric> instead of

That's because you _shouldn't_ be configuring this in VM.  According
to RFC 821 (? 2?) Return-Path is not supposed to point to the author
of the mail; Return-Path is supposed to point to the system that
originated the mail.  Return-Path is where error messages are supposed
to go, and since these often have to do with origin host configuration
problems, that's where they are sent.  Configuring this in VM (this is
possible, everything is possible in Emacs) will guarantee errors if
anything changes while you're not looking.  Furthermore, a good MTA
will probably strip any Return-Path header you add and insert its own;
this is not one of the headers users are supposed to set.

In this case, Infoweb is evidently treating your host as a dumb
client, and considers itself to the the originating system.  I suspect
you probably haven't properly set your MTA up as a pure satellite
system (expecting to exchange all mail through an Infoweb server).
But that's where my knowledge ends, I've always had the luxury of
being my own MX.

That is, this is an MTA (sendmail) problem, not an MUA (VM) problem.
I'm surprised this works with Pine, Pine is pretty RFC-compliant and
should be just passing the message to sendmail which attaches an
appropriate Return-Path, just as with VM.

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