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Re: tlug: pine vs VM/xemacs

"Eric S. Standlee" <> writes:

> I am trying VM in xemacs.
> I noticed that because terminology is different configuration is
> difficult.
> I have a problem.  I cannot figure out how to configure VM in xemacs so
> that my Return-Path: instead of
> Because of this problem, my mail bounces at the servers.
> FYI, I have DS set to in my /etc/ just in
> case that might be the problem, but I guess I was shooting in the dark.

It is not enough to set only the "Smart" relay host in
/etc/, you have to set some other things as well.
/etc/ is difficult to read and understand, therefore
most people prefer to edit /etc/ instead.

I think it should work if you make sure you have the following lines
into your

    define(`SMART_HOST', `') can then be produced from by using the
`m4' macro processor like this:

    m4 /etc/ > /etc/

then restart sendmail and it should work.

Here's my complete as I currently use it as an example:

Hope that helps,


Mike Fabian   <>   <>
In der Neckarhelle 81, D-69118 Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen
Telephone: +49(0)6221/809222

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