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Re: tlug: pine vs VM/xemacs

Eric S. Standlee <> writes:

> I have a problem.  I cannot figure out how to configure VM in xemacs
> so that my Return-Path: instead of

Maybe you're thinking of "Reply-To:"?

Anyway you don't need to add such a header.  If your username on your
machine is different than with your provider it's better to add a
"From:" header to your mails with the correct information.  If it
happens to be the same, masquerading should be sufficient.

If like my ISP, your ISP's mailer isn't sound (trustworthy/reliable:
e.g. doesn't return delivery errors!), you may prefer like me
to send mails directly from your own box, but this also has it's
problems unless you have a leased line that is.  One problem is that
mail that can't be delivered due to a temporary net or recipient
mailer problem is left in your queue until next time you connect and
senmail reawake/is awaken.

I guess I should ask on a sendmail list about this to get the story
straight, but with a dynamic ppp link sendmail doesn't seem to know
how to determine/use the hostname for the ppp link for communicating
with the recipient server.  The trick I use is to just set my hostname
in "" to some arbitrary hostname of one of the ppp links in
my ISP's pool.  This works ok, except that some clever mailers give
warnings to the sender (me) and the recipient (in a header) that the
claimed hostname and actual hostname of the sender's machine/interface
are different.

> Because of this problem, my mail bounces at the servers.

Which servers?  You mean your provider's or recipient's?

Next Technical Meeting: TBA, January, 2000.  Place: Temple Univ.

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