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Re: tlug: Caldera Japanese version (Clearification)

(Please remember that I am always speaking in an unofficial capacity
regarding Caldera in this forum unless otherwise noted) 

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> >>>>> "Marc" == Marc E Christensen <> writes:
>     Marc> The "install from MS Windows" option uses Partition Magic
>     Marc> which does create only one main partition and a swap
>     Marc> partition on a drive.
> This is still a bad idea.  If the person really is a newbie, I can
> more easily see them trashing their home directory the next time they
> install.

True.  However, they can opt not to use PM and personally, that is how I
teach people to install Linux.

> I apologize on the "beta" comment.  The incident I'm thinking of was

Apology accepted 8^)

> Caldera does have a history of distributing non-free stuff as part of
> a Linux distribution (the name "Open Linux" is in part a response to
> that, I suspect), but that was long ago in a galaxy far away, and has
> nothing to do with current practices AFAIK.

The early years of Caldera were formative years.  It took some effort for
the Linux lovers, the ones who made the distribution had good effects on
the people steering the company.  Caldera, for a few years now has been
"doing the right thing" in separating commercial products from the
distribution proper.  This is a Good Thing (TM). 

>     Marc> The PM packaged with OpenLinux is meant only for the install
>     Marc> of Linux.
> Oh, yeah, can I have a pointer to the Partition Magic sources?  I've
> always been curious about why they're better than fdisk.

He he he....I wish I had their source too.  Apparently the PQ people are
going to GPL the code (or at least the technology) after they have made
back their R&D monies.  Hope that's soon.

Marc Christensen

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