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Re: [tlug] cobalt cube / tech topics

On 2024年01月16日 17:18, the silly Stephen J. Turnbull claimed to have said:
> Glutton for punishment, aren't you?  I'm pretty much as progressive as
> (conventionally-trained) economists come, but a lot of left-wing
> political economy makes as much sense as the MAGA version does, which
> is to say "OK, now I know you are REALLY GOOD at lying to yourself".

The golden rule is, if I shit on the left, it doesn't mean I support the
IMO they're both retards in their own ways.

> You can call that a "padded-room echo chamber" if you like (and you
> would mostly not be wrong), but it's what most people want.  In fact
> an awful lot of people are actually mostly happy with Threads or Blue
> Sky, as saccharine and technically backward as they still are.

I can perfect understand that people want to have their niche
communities that doesn't pander to literally everybody (in which they
fail 100% of the time), there are plenty of instances that claim to be
"for everyone", and in the same breath disqualify everyone who both is
on the right of Stallin, and has no garbage degree from a major western
university at the same time.

Same with "we support free speech", and 2 sentences later "rule number
1: no hate speech", which in itself makes no sense at all.

> I'm curious, what loss is that to you or me?  Is there valuable,
> interesting content on these "ridiculously administered" hosts?

Maybe, depends on what you mean by "valuable, interesting content".
I don't give a fuck if an instance federates with Kolektiva or Gab (not
like that's even possible, just hypothetical).
So of course I can't understand why somebody would ban an instance just
because they won't ban an instance that somebody doesn't like, it's none
of their business!

> My feeling is that the demise of Twitter has really hurt the flow of
> news-ish information globally, and there's no good substitute.  I'm
> even considering subscribing to the NYT. :-)  At least, neither the
> Fediverse nor Bluesky have been good substitutes for pre-Musk Twitter.

Or just don't follow "the news" at all, it's all a bunch of propaganda
anyway, regardless of who's running what and in what country.


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