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Re: [tlug] cobalt cube / tech topics

On 2024年01月15日 07:56, the silly Christian Horn claimed to have said:
> On Mon, Jan 15, 2024 at 03:46:10PM +0900, lain. wrote:
> > I'd much rather recommend people to take a look at Pleroma, Mitra, or
> > even GNU Social if you're willing to work with an ancient codebase, but
> > in exchange have a nicer frontend experience and not be vendor locked
> > into Postgres.
> That's the "what's convenient to run" aspect.
> The other aspect is of course where the people you want to communicate
> with are - for me that's Mastodon right now, and sometimes X/Twitter.
> There are also streamlined Mastodon implementation, aimed at single
> users and resource saving - haven't looked into these.

All of those are using the same ActivityPub protocol, so they can
communicate with one other.
So a Pleroma user can talk to a Mastodon user and vice versa, unless a
server admin decides to ban an entire instance, which is a feature that
should have never been implemented in the first place.

Mitra is the easiest to install, since it's just a .deb file, but you'll
be vendor locked into Debian 12 (yes, specifically version 12) and
But it is recommended to install a Monero node as well to make full use
of its features, but it's optional.

I'm aware of GoToSocial and honk. as well, but these feel more like
personal echo chambers.
And GoToSocial specifically even makes it very clear that they are
unwilling to work with anyone who the developer disagrees with
politically (of course using slurs to justify it) in their religious
document, so you can write them off as a lost cause:


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