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Re: [tlug] cobalt cube / tech topics

On Mon, Jan 15, 2024 at 03:46:10PM +0900, lain. wrote:
> Perhaps a better idea to focus on hosting a Fediverse instance in
> general, Mastodon is not the only one we have.

Good topic, but while I know some of the other software implementing
ActivityPub, I haven't run it. 
Sounds like you might be right for that bigger picture :)

> And from my own experience, Mastodon has been the 2nd most painful thing
> to install, only slightly behind Misskey.

Yes, after Lychee, Mastodon was the second piece of software which
I by myself only felt comfortable to run in a container instead of
directly on the system, with all it's tiny dependencies.

> I'd much rather recommend people to take a look at Pleroma, Mitra, or
> even GNU Social if you're willing to work with an ancient codebase, but
> in exchange have a nicer frontend experience and not be vendor locked
> into Postgres.

That's the "what's convenient to run" aspect.
The other aspect is of course where the people you want to communicate
with are - for me that's Mastodon right now, and sometimes X/Twitter.
There are also streamlined Mastodon implementation, aimed at single
users and resource saving - haven't looked into these.


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