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Re: [tlug] cobalt cube / tech topics

lain. writes:

 > So a Pleroma user can talk to a Mastodon user and vice versa,
 > unless a server admin decides to ban an entire instance, which is a
 > feature that should have never been implemented in the first place.

If you don't like an admin's policy, go to another instance, or run
your own.  It's that easy.  And it's almost as easy to implement the
feature.  People wanted it, it was going to implemented.

I'm relatively laissez-faire in my personal practice, but I draw the
line at running an open relay in email.  And it's not merely that my
MTA would get banned from pretty much everywhere on the Internet.  I
don't see a real difference between refusing email traffic from some
sources, and refusing traffic from some fediverse instances.  It's a
necessary capability in the world we live in.

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