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Re: [tlug] cobalt cube / tech topics

On 2024年01月16日 00:17, the silly Stephen J. Turnbull claimed to have said:
> lain. writes:
>  > So a Pleroma user can talk to a Mastodon user and vice versa,
>  > unless a server admin decides to ban an entire instance, which is a
>  > feature that should have never been implemented in the first place.
> If you don't like an admin's policy, go to another instance, or run
> your own.  It's that easy.  And it's almost as easy to implement the
> feature.  People wanted it, it was going to implemented.
> I'm relatively laissez-faire in my personal practice, but I draw the
> line at running an open relay in email.  And it's not merely that my
> MTA would get banned from pretty much everywhere on the Internet.  I
> don't see a real difference between refusing email traffic from some
> sources, and refusing traffic from some fediverse instances.  It's a
> necessary capability in the world we live in.

I won't deny the fact there are legitimate reasons to ban entire
instances, like instances having the sole purpose of sending spam,
similar to banning an entire email server.

Then I look up reasons to ban servers on primarily leftist/Marxist
instances, and the reasons are just ridiculous most of the time.
Because the whole purpose of Fediverse becoming a thing was to
communicate freely with one other, and those instances want anything but
that, they just want a self hosted version of the porn site formerly
known as Twitter (so an echo chamber), rather than a free communication

Some being as ridiculous as banning by association.
Like, "banned instance A for federating with instance B", what if
instance A doesn't even know what instance B is, or doesn't care?


Did you know that?
90% of all emails sent on a daily basis are being sent in plain text, and it's super easy to intercept emails as they flow over the internet?
Never send passwords, tokens, personal information, or other volunerable information without proper PGP encryption!

If you're writing your emails unencrypted, please consider sending PGP encrypted emails for security reasons.
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Every good email client is able to send encrypted emails.
If yours can't, then you should consider switching to a secure email client, because yours just sucks.

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