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[tlug] IME setup Jan 2024

I set up a Mint 21 xfce system at the weekend, and the IME setup was really easy, all good defaults. See my notes below. I imagine they will apply for all Debian-based systems, and all window managers?

Ignore the "Input Method" thing in Mint apps, as it just seems to give instructions, and those instructions don't mention using version 5 of fcitx.

As I hoped fcitx5 fixed the problems with trying to input a single character into certain Chrome (and therefore all Electron app) input fields.


IME config

apt install fcitx5-mozc fcitx5-pinyin

With all the deps it becomes 60 packages, 123MB archives, 456MB of disk!

Then you _must_ logout and login.

Now right-click the keyboard icon in the panel, configuration.
Search for "mozc" and double-click to add. Do same with "pinyin".

Ctrl-space now works to start/stop Japanese.
Use ctrl-right-shift (or ctrl-left-shift) for it to be Pinyin instead, and to loop round between IME choices.

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