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Re: [tlug] Need laptop vendor recommendation

Stuart Luppescu writes:

 > Interestingly enough, my reason for buying this laptop is that my
 > connection ... is crazy flakey.

Sure, but if your provider is in Tokyo you should get much better
connections.  An approximately comparable Linode (in Tokyo) is $0.29
per hour, which even at today's exchange rate will get you over 6000
hours of CPU for the same cost.

Or if you just want the box in your house, why not a desktop or tower
of similar spec which presumably will be a lot cheaper?

Finally, an external keyboard is a possible approach to the keyboard
layout issue.

 > But when I connect the VPN it's only about 20Mbps,

I hate VPNs.  Condolences.  (BTW, do you really get 600 Mbps to a host
you know is physically located in Chicago?  If so, dayum, the Internet
has come a loooong way, baby!)

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