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Re: [tlug] January 9th Technical Meeting

Raymond Wan writes:

 > And to top that all off, I think it's unheard of to develop a
 > vaccine for a new virus (and have it "tested" up to phase 3
 > clinical trials) in under 12 months...

It is unheard of, but we also got lucky, as lucky as I was the first
and only time I've ever tried to pick up an ice cube with chopsticks.
Batting 1.000, why mess up that record?  Paid for my drinks that
night, too! :-)  And (you hate to say it), Trump actually did get
something half-ass right for once by promising to buy 100 million
doses (of course, he then left another 500 million on the floor, and
did his best to ensure it will take 6 months more than necessary to
get needles in arms...).

We'll see how the more conventional vaccines do (and they're pretty
much looking to come in with full approval at 18-24 months at this
point, as Dr. Fauci predicted).

For good info: Johns Hopkins U Med School's "Public Health on Call"
podcast.  ¡Y hablamos español! :-)

For good info (lite version): 538's "Podcast-19".

 > but look at where we are...

A big 10-4 on that, brother.

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