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Re: [tlug] January 9th Technical Meeting

Hi all,

On 9/1/2021 6:42 pm, Darren Cook wrote:
  --> Working from home
    --> Need to hide the untidy house on video calls
      --> progress in complex mathematics and information theory.

Been a strange 12 months, hasn't it :-)

Sorry to have missed the technical meeting today! The news about Japan outside of Japan looks a bit bleak; not sure if that's accurate, but hope you're all fine!

Over here, I'm seeing:

* elevator buttons being replaced with sensors so that you can just wave your hand in front of them * escalator handrails have UV lamps attached so they are repeatedly "cleaned"

All of this technology was there; it took the last 12 months to make this a reality. And to top that all off, I think it's unheard of to develop a vaccine for a new virus (and have it "tested" up to phase 3 clinical trials) in under 12 months...but look at where we are...

Strange 12 months, indeed!  Best wishes to all of you for 2021!


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