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Re: [tlug] January 9th Technical Meeting

Darren Cook writes:

 > I was surprised that cutting people out of backgrounds was the
 > motivating example they kept harping on about, until it finally
 > clicked: this is about Facebook Messenger competing with Zoom.

In my (very limited) experience, the (technical) competition is not
Zoom (which in my "home studio" really sucks -- green screen, white
screen, black screen, no screen, none are reliable), but Microsoft
Teams.  Teams virtual background is reliable even with "drying laundry
screen" (the most powerful dehumidifier is in my bedroom :-).

You hate to see it, as they say, but there you go. ;-)

Obviously, Teams isn't a Messenger competitor, but I suspect that it
won't take a lot to be a Zoom-killer, at least on virtual backgrounds.

BTW, cite on the paper if available, please! :-)


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