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Re: [tlug] [slightly OT] SMTP and the internet, protocols and the internet

Hi Christian,

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 3:28 PM Christian Horn <> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 02:35:33PM +0000, Schwartz, Fernando G. | @SCA wrote:
> > ... The machine " FQDN " must be " ". That's what the website
> > test error refers to.
> > BTW, for [f]ully [q]ualified [d]omain [n]ame of the host machine, I'd
> > recommend:
> > < some name for the machine > + < domain name >. Therefore, not just "
> > " but rather, let's say, " ".
> You are right, one detail about the mail config was not in order,
> but I fixed it and talked with t-online, that is not the issue.
> They 'demand' full address and name on my webpage to accept mails
> from me.

Perhaps I'm sounding a bit naive, but how are they able to verify that
the full address and name on your web page is legitimate?  Perhaps
within the same country, you can do easy checks.  Like if both of you
were in Japan, they could say, " come your postal code has 8
digits?!?  :-) ".  But between different countries, it seems really

A post office in Germany that receives a letter from Japan via Japan
Post has *no way* of knowing whether the return address on the
envelope is legitimate.  And surely the post office in the sender's
country also doesn't care.

It's clear that they're giving you the run-around just to make their
lives easier.  But it doesn't seem like it's grounded in reality.
Perhaps when there is little regulation, some people who are incapable
of making rules end up creating some without much thought.  :-)

Thanks for sharing your experience; alas, I don't have much technical
knowledge about what you are dealing with...  Sorry!


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