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Re: [tlug] [slightly OT] SMTP and the internet, protocols and the internet

On 1/11/21 11:41 AM, Christian Horn wrote:
What do you think, how would you react?
Have you hit similar situations?

Hallo Chris, I often test against < > (use to check against " TU-Berlin " as well) and check the return headers. Your setup must pass all 4 checks, which include:

	iprev=pass ( ... ) smtp.remote-ip= ...;
	spf=pass smtp.mailfrom= < your domain >;
	dkim=pass header.d= < your domain > header.s=mail header.a=rsa-sha256;
	dmarc=pass header.from= < your domain >;

Otherwise, it's crazy talk from Deutsch Telco.

Further, if you check at < >,

220 ESMTP Postfix (Debian/GNU) is missing a " rDNS " to the IP. That's probably the main issue.

Hope it helps. Cheers! フェルナンド

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