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[tlug] Can't activate shared folders in Ubuntu 20.04 on VMware in Windows

I've been running Ubuntu on VMware Workstation Player (currently 15.5) on a Windows machine for more than ten years now, and have never had any problem setting up and enabling the shared folders to access my Windows drives. But I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04, and I can't get the folders to display under /mnt/hgfs the way they usually do. All the documentation on the VMware site just gives general setup instructions which I've already followed.

vmware-tools is installed and running.

One person offered this temporary fix, which works on one setup:

sudo vmhgfs-fuse .host:/ /mnt/hgfs/ -o allow_other -o uid=1000

This will start the shared folders, but then I would need to run this on startup each time.

Has anyone else run into this?



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