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Re: [tlug] keyboard behavior changed

On 29/9/2019 9:00 AM, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
On 2019/09/29 0:40, Raymond Wan wrote:
May I ask why don't you consider using another distribution like Ubuntu?
Well, I am trying to get friendly with Linux (for many years already) and have tried quite a number of different distros, but played mostly with Ubuntu "versions". Yet, I feel most comfortable with Mint and was/am hoping, this will eventuelly get me somewhere.

Well, I honestly don't know how do the variants of Ubuntu differ. I used Debian a long time ago, and then switched to Ubuntu and have never tried anything else since. Of course, if you want to give up and get a new computer, that's up to you -- it seems a bit old and that you've used it well past its expected lifetime.

However, if you want us to tell you that you should throw the computer away, I would probably try another distribution first (maybe a few) before calling it a quits. Not having tried Mint myself, I have to say that the level of "support" on askubuntu is pretty good. You could use Mint and ask there, but I think many people there use Ubuntu more than other Ubuntu-like distributions.

Good luck!


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