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Re: [tlug] keyboard behavior changed

On 2019/09/21 23:06, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

Not to blame the victim, but is there any chance you did some upgrades
just *before* converting the PC to dust-collector?  Mint is a Debian-kei
distro, so the top line of "ls -lt /var/cache/apt/archives | head" may
tell you when you last downloaded packages.  If that messed up your
config, it might persist through the distro version-up (Debian-kei
distros are generally pretty careful about preserving current configs
across upgrades).

If you can tell us if there's anything suspicious that upgraded
"recently", that would help.

I tried the command you gave me, but it showed only the changes I made the day before.

After that (unable to fix the problem) I newly installed Mint 19.2 (before it was 19). Since I made a mistake somewhere, so that the partition with my data was not "home", I reinstalled again:
1) OS into a root partition (100 GB) + 220 GB /home = 50% full.
Installed all available updates + Japanese language support (language icon does not show)

The system (no other OS present) now always starts with the Grub menu - which it did not do before and does not in 2 other machines running Mint.
* sometimes neither keyboard nor mouse respond at all
* after waking up from a suspend, I often get a cursor looking like four rectangles forming a cross with a white square in the middle (never seen that before)     -> if this pops up, the computer remains totally unreponsive, while that funny cursor keeps flickering; after that, it sometimes recovers * Crtl+Alt -> ALWAYS brings up the shutdown menu (NOT the default), so that "Ctrl+Alt" cannot be used for any other shortcut. * apparently a whole bunch of other unexpected quirks happen without any discernable pattern.

Should I presume, the PC is broken somehow?
Maybe looking for a "new" (junk) PC is then the easiest/fastest way out
(this one my daughter bought when she started university 10 years ago and gave me to play with)

Or is there still some magic trick I could try?
Thank you

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